Monday, March 30, 2009

Why do people hate Tyler Hansborough?

It was such a beautiful spring day today. Unfortunately I was cooped up in an office for most of it. I signed up for the Umass Alumni Softball Team this morning which should be a blast. I haven't picked up a glove or bat since grade school, but I think it will be a great opportunity to network and meet new people. Plus, the team lead said there was one guy that was 72 on the team, which I would guess means it is definitely more of a social activity than a competitive one. While playing basketball tonight a couple weird things happened. In the game before us, a guy quit in the middle of the game and started yelling insults at everyone on the court. Afterward I learned that no one even knew the kid, and actually he had been the one fouling all game. I don't understand people like that. Everyone is just trying to have a good time and let off some steam after work and one guy ruins the whole game. I've always wondered how people like that don't recognize when they are being idiots. I was thinking about writing a blog on that at some point and probably will.

On to my topic of the day. I am ecstatic that UNC is in the Final 4. I will write a full analysis on the matchups Thursday or Friday but would like to talk about another topic that has always confused me. This is of course why people hate Tyler Hansborough, and why people hate individual players in general. Why would you hate a guy who maximizes his talent and ability, works his ass off every night without trash talking or whining, and is a winner. He doesn't brag, isn't flashy, just comes to play every night with 100% tenacity. I've heard that it's because he always is getting fouled or traveling. That is the dumbest reason I've ever heard. How is it his fault that he is fouled, the refs call the game! It all boils down to jealousy because he is the marquee player on a program that gets a lot of media attention. If anyone has a valid argument on why they don't like Hansborough please let me know, I'd love to hear it.

I think hating a team and hating an individual are two separate things. Maybe hate is too strong a word, because there is nothing a team or individual has done to most of us fans to warrant that. It's okay to dislike a team because as a sports fan you naturally pick teams you like and teams you dislike. But, disliking a player personally just because they are on a certain team is ridiculous. I dislike Duke and the Colts as much as anyone, but I don't have anything against their players cause I don't know them. I might not like Peyton Manning because he's the quarterback of the Colts, but I don't hold anything against him personally. The internet has made this phenomenon of personal attacks on players even more widespread. Now you have message boards everywhere with inappropriate, ridiculous and downright degrading commentary about famous athletes. It all spurns out of jealousy and immaturity. When did sport fans become so critical. Isn't sports supposed to be fun?

In other news, I think the move by Kentucky to get John Calipari was very smart. In college it is just as important to be a good recruiter as it is to be a good coach. Calipari has shown that he can turn middle of the road programs into Final 4 contenders. Hell, he even took my alma mater Umass to the Final 4 back in the mid 90s and unfortunately Umass hasn't gotten near that point since. In other news, even though I didn't watch it most of it, the Tiger Woods comeback was absolutely incredible. I don't really like golf and think for the most part it's extremely boring to watch, but I will always turn it on to see Tiger. When you think about it, their are only a handful of athletes in history you can say that about. In fact, the only one I can remember in my lifetime is Michael Jordan. Players like that come around once a generation, and we should all be aware we are witnessing history. I remember always being amazed whenever Jordan would hit a game winner, even though he did it over and over again. It is the same way with Tiger Woods and his clutch putts on the 18th green.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and thanks to all of you who have read my blog and supported me. I really wish I had more time to work on this but alas I must go to work to pay the bills. I encourage anyone who doesn't like Tyler Hansborough to tell me why, I think it would make for an interesting discussion. Time to watch some taped episodes of Law and Order. Have a great night!

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