Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Celtics and Magic battle for homecourt

There really is not enough time in the day, especially now that I've become addicted to blogging. I'm writing this blog on my recliner watching one of the biggest Celtics games of the year. Both the Magic and Celtics have virtually identical records and are battling for home court in the second round. In my opinion this game is much bigger for the Magic, in that they need the home court much more than the Celtics. The Magic don't really scare me. Dwight Howard is a beast, but he lacks the competitiveness and killer instinct needed to win a championship, at least at this point. Their whole offense is based on dribble penetration and kick outs for three pointers. If they aren't hitting the perimeter shot they will lose everytime which never bodes well in a 7 game series. For me, I would take Paul Pierce in a playoff series over Dwight Howard. For one, he is a forward and can create his own shot. Two, he is the reigning Finals MVP and has shown he can come up huge in the biggest moments. In all honesty, the Heat could be a tougher opponent than the Magic simply because of Dwayne Wade. The whole year I have thought Lebron should win the MVP going away but the truth is Wade does more with less and deserves it. Without Wade the Heat are definitely not a playoff team, without Lebron the Cavs probably are the 7 seed. In saying this, Lebron is the best player I've seen since Jordan and can do things no one has ever been able to do before. Either way you can't lose.
In other news, the Patriots getting Julius Pepper's seems to be slowly losing steam. Upon further reflection, I think this could be for the best for the Patriots. Signing Peppers would go against their usual philosophy of low cost free agents and building through the draft. With all the picks they have they could get another linebacker and maybe a safety. I love the pick up of Joey Galloway. He will see single coverage all year because of Moss and should be good for at least 2 big plays a game. Speaking of Moss, the guy dropped way too many passes last year, though he also was overthrown many times by Cassel.

This brings me to my next and final topic of the day, the Jay Cutler saga. Alot of people have been calling Jay Cutler a cry baby and a whiner but the honest truth is that the Broncos, specifically Josh McDaniel were unprofessional in their attempted move to get Matt Cassel. First of all, why would you want Matt Cassel over Cutler? Matt Cassel had one good year with the best wide receiving corps in the league on a team that was one miracle play away from a perfect season. Jay Cutler made the pro bowl last year and led a injury depleted Broncos team to a near playoff birth. Do I think Jay Cutler definitely will have a better career than Matt Cassel, no I really have no clue. The fact is Cutler has a better pedigree, and unless you are trying to deal for Brady or Manning, you shouldn't try to make a deal for your franchise quarterback behind his back.

I'm back to mostly sports talk in this blog because I have decided to create a separate blog chronicling my random thoughts on life. You can find that at I love writing both of the blogs, but found that my random thoughts blog could be a bit more interesting as it will touch on subjects and thoughts that aren't chronicled in the media elsewhere. At the same time, it will definitely be more of a niche blog than the sports one. Either way I don't really care cause I'm having fun and hopefully entertaining a couple of people at the same time. Time to lay on the recliner and watch the Celtics hopefully pull off a huge road win. Good night!

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