Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Final 4 Picks

I'm writing this entry on my recliner at halftime of the Celtics-Heat game. The Celtics have looked terrible lately. Marbury needs to go to the gym and shoot 1,000 jumpers a day before he is allowed on the court again, he is killing us. Injuries have obviously been a huge issue, but I just don't see the same passion from this Celtics team, that I saw in their championship run last year. I really think they are not only a different team talent wise without Garnett, but energy wise as well. I like Bill Walker, but the guy fouls like no other. Last night he committed 5 fouls in 6 minutes of playing time. I didn't even think that was possible. I hope my boy Leon Powe gets back on the court soon too, because Mikey Moore can't stay on the court without fouling. In saying this, the Celtics can definitely turn it on for the playoffs. I think their championship experience from a year ago will be crucial in their run to title #18.

Now to my Final 4 Picks. Even though I never feel too confident when I'm filling out my bracket, this year was especially bad. I filled out two brackets and then tore them apart. Finally, I just said screw it and went with the first team that popped in my head. I don't have any major upsets, but do have VCU knocking off UCLA in the first round. I feel like that is a very trendy upset pick though, which usually means the favorite will win. As I mentioned in a blog earlier this week, I am doomed every year because I follow my heart instead of my head when I fill out my bracket. I always pick UNC, and usually pick other games according to what would make UNC's bracket the easiest. I picked UNC this year again, but the confidence I had a few weeks ago in them has dissipated because of the Ty Lawson injury. It's kind of amusing in a way that the entire Tarheel's championship run rests on a big toe. I hope they rest him for the opening game against Radford. If we need Lawson to win that game, we don't even deserve to win the title. By the way, if Radford does win that game I wouldn't be able to show my face for weeks. Not only would it be the biggest upset in tournament history, but my friend Mike Binns, who went to Radford, would never get off my back. Anyway, I wanted to pick some crazy team to go to the Final 4, but as I was going through the matchups I just couldn't see any team higher then a 2 seed getting in. I always pick according to how many rounds a team could go if they win. It's basically a risk/reward scenario. Is the risk of picking a #14 seed over a #3 seed worth it if all they do is win that one round. I would say no, so usually I stick with the favorites. After much debate in my head about who to pick for my final 4, I finally settled on UNC,Pitt, Memphis, and Lousiville. Really boring, huh? Here is my rationalization for it. I figure at least 2 of those teams will get in and usually that is enough to at least be competitive in a pool. I really could care less about losing 5 bucks in a pool as long as UNC does well, and Duke does bad. For example, I'm going to pick Duke to go to the elite 8 but will be rooting for them to lose from round 1 on. Also, since I'm hosting the work pool this year, it will look suspicious if I win. One more random rant. Has anyone checked out the Facebook bracket application? Say what you want about facebook, but they got it right here. I don't understand why they keep changing the layout of their site though. If it aint broke, don't fix it right? My bracket will probably be destroyed by Saturday afternoon but March Madness is still the best sporting event of the year. Whether you are a diehard college hoops fan, or pick teams according to their mascot, everyone gets involved, and isn't that what sports is all about? In this ultra competitive world we live in sometimes we seem to forget that at its core sports really is supposed to be fun.

Still no followers on my blog, but I've gotten a lot of positive feedback, so I don't cry too much at night. I'm going to Boston this weekend, but will try to fit in another blog before Friday. Speaking of Boston, this weekend is going to be ridiculous. I'm hanging out with my old college friends and it is a guaranteed good time. We are even going back to visit my old college Umass-Amherst. Seems like a long time since I was in college, but it was only 2 years ago. For anyone who is still in college, cherish those moments because your life will never be the same. I actually enjoy work more than college on a whole, mainly because I hated having to choose between beer and food. However, I do miss that free time that was so abundant in college, and so scarce in the real world. One more random thought, I figured out what I want to be today, a blogger for the Boston Globe. I won't stop until I reach that goal. Time to watch the Celtics hopefully pull off this much needed win. Hope you enjoy March Madness tomorrow. Good night!

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  1. The fact that you would even write "if Radford does win that game.." makes me sick to my stomach. IF, what a horrible word, when it is used in the way. I recognize that it is MARCH MADNESS and crazier things have happened, but let's be serious. That comment is just 'MAD'! Nonetheless I appreciate you blog a support you from here on out! OKAY GREAT. Go Heels!