Sunday, March 8, 2009

Big week in the sports world

What a week it has been in the sports world. T.O getting signed by the Bills, Manny getting signed by the Dodgers, and the never ending drama that is A-Rod. Before I delve into these subjects, I want to say that spring has officially overtaken fall as my new favorite season. At this time last week it was 20 degrees and snowing here in the DC area. Now it's 70 degrees and I'm writing this with my door open. In saying this, I might be one of the only people around that isn't a huge fan of summer, especially now that I work. Besides the fact that it gets unbearably humid, my electric bill doubles, and I am permanently sunburned(the life of a redhead), the sports during that span are weak. I like baseball and all, but to be honest it is my least favorite of the three main sports. I will watch and follow the Red Sox, but I'm not going to watch a Pirates-Reds game unless I'm trying to take a nap.

Now to the topic at hand. I want to start out by saying that all these news stories that the media are blowing up are kind of ridiculous. Instead of talking about players like T.O, A-Rod, and Manny, we should be talking about players that are actually upstanding citizens and not drama queens. I always found it interesting that T.O got so much media coverage last year. The fact is, he isn't that good anymore. He drops more balls then any other player in the league and doesn't have the explosiveness he used to have. It saddens me that players like him and Bonds get more coverage then players like Larry Fitzgerald and Albert Pujols. Looking at this deal purely in the football sense, I feel like it is a good deal for both teams. I dislike the Cowboys as much as anyone, but they made a good move here. T.O was causing serious locker room issues, and Wade Phillips is the type of coach that allows players to walk all over him. For the Bills, they needed another receiver and a jolt to their offense. I am not really sure T.O is still that guy, but I guess it's worth a try because it is only a one year contract. As for Manny, I don't really understand why this is even a huge story, other then the fact that I think people are fascinated with "Manny being Manny." I always liked Manny, and believe to this day that the stuff that happened with the Red Sox can be attributed more to Drew Rosenhaous trying to get more money for himself than Manny quitting on the team. The fact is, he was a big part in two World Series titles for the Red Sox, so as a Red Sox fan I will always like him. The A-Rod thing has to go up there as being one of my top three sports stories I don't want to hear anymore. The whole steroid issue is becoming so tiresome. Look, players did steroids so they could put up better numbers and get more money for themselves. I'm not saying it is okay, but if a player knew someone was taking something and getting more money for doing it, you can understand why they might do it. I have never been a professional athlete or made that much money so I really don't know what I'd do and I will bet a lot of the harshest critics of A-Rod don't know either.

One other topic I would like to discuss is the Celtics huge win over the Cavs Friday. My favorite player in the league, Leon Powe. was an absolute beast, and along with Big Baby Davis were the reasons the Celtics won. I came in thinking the Celtics didn't have much of a shot against the Cavs, but I feel much more confident now. Players like Leon Powe should be the people ESPN talk about. Check out this story on his background: This guy isn't the most talented player, but comes to play every night. He also has one of the highest points per minute of any bench player in the league. Mom, if you read this, a Leon Powe jersey would be a great birthday present.

Feels good to be blogging again. I'm thinking of creating another blog at some point about my general thoughts on life, basically a PC version of my current daily journal. Thanks for reading, and please let me know what I can do to make this better. Time to watch Happy Gilmore and rest up for another work week. Good night!

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