Sunday, March 29, 2009


I had a great weekend and it could be even better if this game keeps going like it is now. Today was pretty much the perfect day, hanging out on the Potomac in 70 degree sunshine with good beer and good music. That is truly living the dream. Now to this game. I am a huge UNC fan and was extremely nervous because Oklahoma has Blake Griffin. In watching this game, it is clear to me that Oklahoma doesn't have much besides him. Basicically they have Griffin, Warren, and a bunch of inconsistent players that are one dimensional. It's funny, during the Syracuse game I was thinking, I hope they are getting all their great shooting done now, and it came true. I truly believe no team can keep up with UNC for a whole game with Lawson at full strength. In addition, UNC has played their best defense of the season, though the missed three pointers by Oklahoma have helped UNC a ton. Blake Griffin is as good as advertised though. He is the only reason this game is even remotely close. UNC at its best can beat anyone in the country and they have played great basketball all tournament. I have a man crush on Ty Lawson. The guy is injured and has dominated every game this tournament. I really hope he comes back but I have prepared myself for his departure. UNC has too many weapons for any team to stop and that is without their best on ball defender Marcus Ginyard. You just don't see teams that have 5 guys who can score 20 points or more on any given night. With Pitt and Louisville out, UNC would be the clear favorite to win it all, but anything could happen. I am so happy right now, this could go down as one of the best days I've had in awhile. Going to go watch the rest of this beat down then write my other blog later tonight. Thanks for reading!

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