Sunday, April 5, 2009

UNC cannot be stopped

It was such a beautiful weekend. Now that I'm working full time I truly live for the weekends, and always hope for weather like this past Saturday and Sunday. Somehow I got a pretty significant sun burn even though I was wearing SPF 70. That is the life of a red head. As mentioned in a previous entry, I joined my Umass Alumni Softball team even though I haven't swung a bat since the mid 90's. Today was our first practice and I actually wasn't half bad. I'm definitely looking forward to a great season where I can meet new people and establish new friendships.

The best part about this weekend was UNC beating Villanova and advancing to the national title game. I wasn't nervous at all before the game because I truly believe no one can hang with the Tarheels when Lawson is at a 100%. I will say, that in their last two victories, their opponents have shot an atrocious percentage from three. Nevertheless UNC was clearly the better team. It's funny, even though I wasn't nervous before the game, when the game finally began I couldn't help but think of the debacle of last years final four when UNC looked like a bunch of 3rd graders,falling behind by 30 at half time to Kansas. About 5 minutes into the game I knew Villanova was not good enough to beat UNC. Usually I can decipher if a team can win against the Tarheels within the first ten minutes. The two main factors that let me know if the team has no chance to beat UNC are:
1. Is the team trying to play the fast break style of UNC, which they inevitably will not be able to do.
2. Do they have NBA caliber players on the team.

Villanova fit both categories to a tee, plus they lack the size and depth to compete with UNC for 40 minutes. Their only potential NBA talent are Reynolds and Cunningham and neither are ready to make any kind of an impact at the next level. Also, what the hell were they thinking trying to play the transition game and shoot tons of 3's against UNC. First of all they are not a great three point shooting team. Second of all, missed 3's lead to transition opportunities which play right into UNC's hands.

Have I mentioned how much I love Ty Lawson? The guy is playing better than anyone and just three weeks ago some people thought he wouldn't even play in the tournament. Ellington, who along with Lawson is my favorite Tarheel since Antawn Jamison and Shammond Williams, was the main factor last night. Everytime UNC needed a shot he would deliver it. I really hope Ellington comes back for his senior year. He could be a late first or second rounder but with another year under his belt he could develop the rest of his game even further. I've already come to grips with the fact Lawson is leaving(tears flowing). I'm going to write about the championship game right before it starts tomorrow. Thanks again for reading and I hope you had a great weekend!

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