Sunday, April 12, 2009

Celtics and the Masters

Happy Easter everyone! This was one of the first years I didn't participate in an Easter egg hunt, but I did get to do my state taxes, so it wasn't all that bad. I'm pretty exhausted tonight, so I will make this brief. Let me start out by saying I was embarrassed to be a Celtics fan today. Their 40 point loss to the Cavs was just plain terrible. Sure, they had already clinched the 2nd seed in the East with the Magic's loss last night, but you still have to show up and play. The fact is, if they can't get up to play the Cavs, who are their main rivals in the East, how do they expect to repeat as champions?

In saying this, I think the Celtics still have a chance to win their 18th title, but that all depends on how healthy Garnett is and how the bench plays. I don't sense that same fire the Celtics had last year. Maybe they are saving it for the playoffs, or maybe that killer instinct they had last year has faded a bit after their title run. I guess we will see starting next Saturday.

By the way, why do people always hate on the NBA? It seems like the trendy thing to say these days. Is it as good as the 80's and 90's was, absolutely not. Is it better than it was 5 years ago, yes it is. The NBA has a great crop of young superstars, and their two premier franchises, the Celtics and Lakers, are good again. My only issue with NBA basketball right now are the number of fouls called, and the length of games, especially on network channels. It seems like every ticky tack foul is called these days, and the refs just aren't letting the players play like they used to. Honestly, how are you supposed to stop Lebron if you can't touch him at all, it's impossible. Also, the games are just too long right now. The Celtics-Cavs game started at 3:30 today and ended at 6:15. That is almost the length of a baseball game. But of course more commercial breaks mean more money for the network and their sponsors, and we all know sports is all about the bottom line.

I don't like golf. I would even go as far to say it isn't a real sport, but I always watch when Tiger Woods plays in a major. The only two people in my lifetime that I watched simply because they were playing are Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. Today at the Masters Tiger played a hell of a round, but stumbled late and could not win another green jacket. I felt kind of bad for the rest of the field with all the attention and cheers being given to Woods and Mickelson. I don't know anything about golf, never played in my life, so I can't do much more analysis than that, but was truly impressed and entertained by the Masters today.

Probably not my best blog entry tonight, but I thank you all for reading, and hope to write again soon. Please feel free to send this to family and friends and remember feedback is always appreciated. Have a great night!

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