Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sports talk

I literally sat for ten minutes trying to figure out a clever title for this entry, but I finally gave up and wrote the most generic title ever. Anyway, in tonight's entry I want to rant a little bit about each of the four major sports. Let's start with the sport I know the least about, hockey. The only two teams I care even a little about happen to be the top 2 seeds in this years playoffs. Sorry fellow Boston fans, but the Washington Capitals need a championship more than you by a long shot.

I love DC and all the surrounding areas. I grew up here and I decided to move back here after college. We have really passionate sports fans, but unfortunately many of our franchises have been devastated by poor personnel decisions and underachieving teams. The Redskins break thousands of hearts every year with their wildly inconsistent play. The Wizards were absolutely dreadful this year, and their best player is one of the most selfish players in the league. The Caps have been the bright spot in Washington for the last 6 months, and I really hope they can advance far in the playoffs. Hockey is really amazing to me. I can't even skate so the whole concept of skating while playing a sport is absolutely fascinating to me. Plus the fact they are allowed to start brawls in the middle of games and only receive two minute "timeouts" is pretty crazy when you think about it.

Baseball season has begun and I already feel like I want to take a nap(just kidding, kind of.) Seriously, why should anyone care about baseball until August or September. Their are like 3,000 games and you could start 0-15 and still win the World Series(keep believing Nationals!)

The reason they call it the "national past time" is because that is literally what you do to pass the time when you are bored. The great thing about going to a baseball game is you don't actually have to pay attention to have fun. Sorry to all the hardcore baseball fans, but baseball is just too slow. What do you expect when their is no time clock. I almost want to hit the TV after the batter steps out of the box for the sixth time. I really think if their was a time limit on how long the pitcher could take between pitches, baseball would be much more entertaining. For all of those looking for great baseball analysis look elsewhere because it will be mostly baseball bashing(it's all in fun though.) Has anyone ever considered that the reason baseball stats are so highly scrutinized and analyzed is because the games themselves are boring as hell. Does anyone know how many points Kareem Abdul Jabbar had? No, but you certainly knew how many home runs Hank Aaron had.

Finally, time to talk basketball. I love this time of year. The weather starts getting warmer which means I get to go kayaking again, and the NBA playoffs begin. Say what you want about the NBA, but when you watch an NBA game you are seeing the greatest athletes in the world. Their are no Prince Fielders, or punters or kickers in the NBA, everyone is an athletic machine, well almost everyone. It also helps that the Celtics are great again. For years I had to pick a team to root for going into the playoffs, but with the Celtics resurgence it takes on a new meaning. I have written way too much for one entry so I am going to break down the first round NBA matchups on Friday most likely.

Tomorrow I am turning 24, which of course means one more year until I can drive a rental car without paying a fee. It also means one year closer to the day I have to figure out what the hell I want to do with my life, which is kind of scary. Life really does sneak up on you. Thanks for reading my blog and have an outstanding night.

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