Friday, April 24, 2009

Overexposure in the Media

Trying to concentrate at work on a Friday is hard. Trying to concentrate at work on a Friday when it is 75 degrees and sunny is almost impossible. I really don't know how people in California ever get any work done. How could you possibly stay focused when you know you should be basking outside in the sunshine. I guess like anything else in life you get used to it.

I've been wanting to write about the ridiculous overexposure of sports by the media for weeks. With with the NFL draft coming up tomorrow, now is the ideal time. Look, I'm excited for the draft and hope the Patriots and Redskins pick well. However, what is the use for all these mock drafts and analysis 24-7. People actually get paid to talk about who they think is going to get picked. The fact is, it doesn't matter what they think. It matters what the organization thinks, so everything they are saying is pointless. I can understand a small segment a couple days before the draft, but this ridiculous overexposure is just nuts.

The draft is only one of a thousand topics I could mention. Let's talk about this Celtics-Bulls series. The Bulls and Derrick Rose were suddenly being touted as the only team that could challenge the Cavs. Then four days later they are down 2-1 in the series. Derrick Rose is being touted as the next Magic Johnson, and two games later Rondo has wiped the court with him. Do circumstances and teams really change this quickly, I don't think so.

We live in a very"what have you done for me lately" society. Every good game we see we tout as the greatest ever because that is all we remember. Sportscenter will tout one team as a lock to get to the finals, then four days later they are eliminated from contention. The reason for this is because we need immediate results, and the media knows this. I think a lot of people take what they hear from Sportcenter and talk radio as fact, not opinion. This is especially true for the casual fan. The other day my mom said that she heard the Celtics were definitely going to lose without Garnett and asked what team she should root for now. That is the most dangerous thing about the media. You have to take what they say with a grain of salt because their main objective is not to necessarily be rational, but to create a bigger story.

Maybe I shouldn't be talking about this because I too hope to be a part of the sports media at some point as a blogger. But this ridiculous NFL Draft coverage has really annoyed me. By the way, no team actually knows if they made a good pick or not until three years down the road. Thus giving teams a draft grade is kind of pointless.

In other news, Wayne Ellington and Ty Lawson declared for the NBA draft yesterday. I was holding out a sliver of hope that maybe they'd want to come back to repeat, but I'm not surprised. I think they left on top and will be solid pros. They will be borderline all start on a bad team in a few years, or solid role players on a good team. Ty Lawson has the potential to be great, but we will see how he adjusts in the pros. I will never forget their contributions to the 2009 UNC championship run.
In baseball, the Red Sox are suddenly unbeatable. This proves my point about not having to follow baseball until August. There are just too many winning and losing streaks, so no one game really matters.

Friday afternoon and time for the weekend. I hope everyone gets outside in the sunshine and enjoys this beautiful weather. Wear your sunblock!

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