Monday, June 28, 2010

Not a fan of the Dog Days of Summer

For a lot of people the beginning of summer signifies great weather, pool parties, and vacations. It's a time for relaxation and fun in the sun. While I like being outside as much as anyone, for me summer represents one thing: the beginning of the worst sports period of the year.

The day the NBA Finals ends to the day football season begins is torture for me. Look, I like the Red Sox and all, but even baseball fans will admit the sport is boring.  The season is too long, there are about 15 minutes between pitches, and we expect everyone as being on or having been on steroids. Hell, Ken Griffey Jr., one of the best hitters of his generation fell asleep in the clubhouse. I'm sorry,  I tried to hold off on baseball bashing for as long as I could but there it is.

This offseason will be especially hard after the tough loss to the Lakers a couple weeks ago. Now we have to deal with the "where will Lebron go" drama and fear that a possible dynasty might be on the horizon. We also have to think about the Celtics future as a whole. The Celtics are in a difficult position right now.  Do they keep the core players in tact and add one or two role players for one more run at a title? Or do they blow it up aside from Rondo, Garnett, and Perk and try to get younger. I wouldn't want to be in Danny Ainge's shoes that's for sure.

At the end of the day I don't care what the Celtics decide to do as long as basketball starts again. I already miss the chilly December nights sitting in front of my TV watching Rondo dish out assists and Tommy scream at the refs. I miss Garnett's scowl and Ray's threes. I miss watching Celtics basketball. The best part of the year for me is November when basketball starts and football is in full swing. Let's hope this next couple months goes by quick so we can start gearing up for another run at the title.


  1. My own personal biases aside, how can you hate on baseball? If baseball is so terrible why do almost twice as many fans attend baseball games than basketball games. For the 2009 season the average MLB game boasted 30,338 fans. The average NBA game drew a meager 17,520 fans. Thats 42% more fans for baseball. As you pointed out there are TONS of baseball games (162 in the regular season) and they still average those numbers. A baseball game is not just a sporting event, its also a social event. There are few things better than going to a game with friends, sitting outside, enjoying a drink, and watching one of the greatest games in the world. As for the boring factor...the last 10 minutes of a basketball game take FOREVER. Its like watching paint dry with all the fouls. At least in baseball a low scoring game can be just as intersting as a high scoring one. There have only been 20 perfect games since 1880! Beat that basketball. I will take baseball any day.

  2. Everyone has their own opinion. You're right baseball is more popular than basketball right now in America because in my opinion people can't relate to basketball players as much. Last ten minutes of a basketball game are definitely boring with all the fouls but baseball is incredibly slow. Going to a game is fun but it's hard to sit through an entire baseball game. Again, just difference in opinions. Thanks for the comment.