Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Kobe/Jordan debate is ridiculous

We live in a "what have you done for me lately" society. People have short memories and often think whoever is hot at that moment is the greatest ever at whatever they do. No segment of the population is guiltier of this than sports fans. We proclaim everything as the “greatest game" or " greatest player". We are so quick to judge everything the day after it happens without putting it in any kind of context. This is exactly what is happening right now with Kobe Bryant.

Look, as much as I hate the guy, Kobe is one of the 10-15 best players of all time. But to compare him to Jordan is silly. What's even more ridiculous is making all of these comparisons before the Finals. If Kobe loses that will make him 4-3 in championship series’ and 1-2 without Shaq. That will also mean he has lost twice to his most bitter rival and three times as a favorite.

For anyone who forgets, Jordan was 6 for 6 in Finals appearances. Why are we so eager to anoint everyone the next Jordan? More than likely there will never be another player like him because the game has changed so much.

Even if Kobe wins the title this year, I don't think the Jordan comparison is applicable. Kobe spent the first part of his career as a secondary player to Shaq. Also, don't compare Scottie Pippen and Shaq please. Pippen was a great player and one of my favorites to watch, but he wasn't Shaq. Shaq is one of the most dominant players of all time and was in his prime during those title years. Also, I think we can all agree that it is much easier to win a title with a dominant big man than it is with a swing man.

At any rate, the simple fact is it's ridiculous to make statements like Kobe is better than Jordan when the facts don't back them up. The truth is if Kobe loses to the Celtics again those same writers will talk about how he has lost 3 Finals and is overrated. They will go right back on the Lebron bandwagon again. I wish people could just be more patient. These debates are fun but only when they make sense. Let's hope the Celtics crush the Lakers and end this debate once and for all.


  1. Karl, I have to say I disagree in the sense that I there are players who are long gone who get the emotional vote.People remember them as better than they were.Kobe was clearly better than Larry Bird a long time ago...and more accomplished yet Bird would show up as 3rd all time and Kobe 15th on a lot of lists.He's clearly better than magic but magic's game, personality, and the way he went out means he will always be the face of the lakers...

    Pretty much every single argument people use to show that Jordan was better than Kobe is completely questionable apart from one thing.Jordan's team dominated the league for a huge period of time.6 in 8 years...is unmatched (apart from those celtics teams in a completed different era)
    If these lakers can win 4 straight...then its a serious argument.
    The arguments you make about Shaq are questionable at best.The only reason Shaq won the MVP's was because he could destroy the smaller weaker east teams.The finals were always in the west during those years and Kobe was alway clutch throughout the western conference playoffs.Kobe was always taking over the end of games for Shaq, always the go to guy at the end.The fact is they were even stevens and would never have won without Kobe's drive.
    Finally the whole thing about losing in the finals proves what exactly? MJ's superior killer instinct? I mean he never went up against a team like the celtics or tried to carry a team as beat up and hopeless as th '04 lakers.Jordan lost a number of times in the eastern conference finals.I do agree Michael did something special by winning without a centre but those bulls teams were loaded and had great forwards.You cant go playing the teamate game.You need good teamates period.However they come - was Jordan playing centre? no...then somebody was getting the boards and defending Patrick Ewing.

    Jordan not losing in the finals is overstated...How many western conference finals has Kobe lost? Those kind of things dont mean as much as people like to make out.Jordan never came up against a team like the celtics either.

    Both are tremendously skilled, clutch, strong minded winners, scoring machines who can slip into legendary zones.Each holds records, and different accomplishments.All the rest of it comparing stats and mvp's means jack..the league has changed, the defences have changed, the expectations have changed, the media has changed... sheer dominance in terms of titles over a long period is all that seperates them.
    Ive been the first to poo poo the comparisons but its a legit comparison now and going to become even more so...get used to it.