Monday, October 5, 2009

The Patriots of Old

The Patriots pulled off a huge win yesterday against the previously undefeated Ravens. They did it with defense, efficient red zone offense, and a little luck. It reminded me a lot of the Patriots of old. The 2007 New England team was an aberration, and probably something that will never be seen again. The Pats have always been a team that wins a lot of close games and plays solid defense. There defense this year is the best I've seen in awhile. If not the best, it is certainly the fastest. The fact that they are doing this without their stud linebacker Jerod Mayo is encouraging. Brady still looks rusty, but is coming around. Also, there running game is stacked, but I don't get why Maroney still plays. Everytime Sammy Morris or Fred Taylor run they get at least 4 yards. Not to mention my boy Kevin Faulk who is an automatic first down every time. I really like how this Patriots team is coming together. Once Brady gets back to about 80% of his old self we should be ready for a great run in the playoffs.

Now on to the woeful Redskins. This has to be the worst 2-2 team of all time. Maybe not the worst, but they certainly have played the worst. The good news is they are 2-2 and playing Carolina and Kansas City in the next two weeks. Can you think of an easier schedule to start a season? The defense doesn't look too bad, but this offense looks atrocious. I don't get it, they have a lot of talent but don't seem to be able to put it all together. During the 2nd half they looked a lot better, but you can't beat the Rams and Bucs, maybe the two worst teams in the league, by a combined 6 points and expect to win any NFC East games. Let's hope the Skins play like we all know they are capable of playing.

In other news the Saints look downright scary now that they have a legitimate defense. The Broncos are one of the weirdest stories in the NFL. They bring in an offensive minded coach and are supposed to have one of the worst defenses in the league. As it turns out their defense has played great, but they can't score more than 17 points. They will definitely lose next week to New England.

One non-related sports story. Saturday I took a drivers improvement class from 8-5 and it was one of the top 3 most painfully boring events I've ever been involved with. Don't speed people, trust me it is not worth it.

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