Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eddie Eddie Eddie!!

Last night Eddie House returned as the streaky shooter we know and love. The Celtics dominated from the outset, and really have been the better team since mid way through the second quarter in game 1. There were a lot of outstanding performances last night, but House's definitely took the cake. For some reason when Eddie House hits a three it is more exciting than anyone else. I think it is because if he hits one, as a Celtics fan you know there are a bunch to come. As I said at the beginning of these playoffs, Eddie House needs to be a factor for the Celtics to advance, and the last three games he has been.

In addition to House's heroics, Rondo and my red headed brother Brian Scalabrini put in outstanding performances. Rondo tied Larry Legend's Celtics triple double record with another all around solid performance. This was probably the most exciting part of the game for me, as Rondo had not been the same player since he hit Brad Miller in the face in game 5. As everyone knows the Celtics go as Rondo goes. What can I say about my red headed brother Brian Scalabrini. He had another outstanding game, hitting threes and playing outstanding defense on Rashard Lewis. His performance makes the Garnett and Powe injuries hurt even more, thinking of what could've been.

Speaking of Leon Powe, everyone talks about the Garnett injury being so devastating but imagine if Powe was still in the rotation. With another big man the Celtics wouldn't have to worry about keeping Davis and Perkins out of foul trouble as much, and wouldn't have to bring in deadbeats like Mikki Moore and " the worst player in the NBA" Tony Allen. But hey, you have to live with what you got and I am very proud of this Celtics team. One more thing, how does Rafer Alston not get tossed last night? Say what you want about Rondo's hit on Brad Miller in the last series, but at least that one was during the play. Alston bitch slapped House in the head from behind. Can someone please tell me how games are refereed these days?

Dwight Howard has showed me in this series that he is not ready to step up to the upper echelon of superstars in this league. He has been essentially a non-factor offensively, and doesn't seem to care much about it. In all honesty, the Bulls scared me a whole hell of a lot more than this Magic team. At least you could sense they wanted it. I don't sense the Magic have that killer instinct and that is why I think this series is over in 6, not 7 like I had previously predicted.

In other news, Brett Favre needs to go away. I wanted to write a blog about people like him. People that always need the attention, that feel like they should be the center of attention at all times. I have lost a lot of respect for Favre. To me his talk of a comeback is purely selfish. He can't play in this league anymore at the highest level. If he thinks he is going to win a Super Bowl with the Vikings that is just ridiculous. The Vikings won't even win their division. I know it must be hard for star athletes to stay retired, but it is not right to constantly go back and forth about retirement. Just step away from the game before you damage your legacy further Brett.

Have to get back to work. Hope you all enjoyed, and I will write again this weekend. Go Celtics!


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  2. eddie house is a legend- good post about the celtics. but i completely disagree with you about favre. here's why... 1) the jets were 8-3 and favre was in the mvp discussion before he hurt his bicep- if its healed then he definitely can compete. 2) he's only about a year older than kurt warner who almost won the super bowl. 3) the vikings were 10-6 and won the division last year with gus freotte and tavarias jackson under center (now they have sage rosenfels). favre is better than those guys combined 10 years ago, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 4) with that defense, an upgrade in receiver with percy harvin, the best running back in the nfl, and a weak division, the vikings will probably win the division again even with sage under center.... and with a simple upgrade to favre, there is no reason they can't be in contention for the super bowl. i am not even a favre fan, but adding him and percy harvin to a 10-6 team that had gus friggin frerotte starting most of their games last year makes them contenders, so long as his arm is healed. I can't blame him for coming back and if he does then the vikings are one of the favorites in the NFC along with the giants, panthers, eagles, and cards.

  3. Good argument Crane. I don't think it was related to the injury that much. He wasn't really tearing it up it was more the Jets easy schedule and good overral team. Kurt Warner also had amazing receivers. I think the Vikings have a chance of getting to the Super Bowl but the Super Bowl champs are the Pats or Steelers.