Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Bowl Preview: The Pats get Revenge

The Pats are back in the Super Bowl for the 5th time in the last 10 years (god we Boston fans are spoiled). This time around is completely different than 07-08. Much of the talk this week has been about Eli Manning and how he and the Giants  look so much like the team of 07. Actually, this isn't true. They are better than that team.

The Giants should be favored in this game and I'm not really sure why the spread is still -2 for the Pats.  How do you beat the Patriots? Have a dominant defensive line that can pressure Brady and explosive receivers that can expose the suspect, though underrated Patriots defense. The Giants come equipped with both of these. Not to mention the hottest quarterback in the league, Eli Manning. The Giants in theory should win this game.

Why do I still think the Patriots will win? It is simple. The underdog role is when the Pats play their best football. Personally I hated the 2007-2008 season. Every game we had everything to lose and nothing to gain. We were always the top dog. Although the Patriots have been dominant at times this year, the defense is suspect at best and we have no outside receivers (Ocho Cinco is horrific). 

What we do have is the best player in the game (Tom Brady), the best coach ever ( Belichick), and Gronk, who may or may not be a human being. You combine that with the revenge factor and I see a Pats win. My prediction is 30-20 Pats, though I hope it's a blow out. Those that want a "good game" are not real fans of either team. The best game I ever saw was the blowout of the Lakers in game 6 of the 08 Finals.

A couple quick thoughts before I go to sleep like the grandpa I am.  Eli Manning is nowhere near as good as Peyton Manning. In the Twitter world we live in people only remember what's good right now. Eli had a great year and yes if he wins a second Super Bowl he's in the top 5 of active QB's but are you serious? I've always rooted against Peyton but that guy dominated for a decade straight and never had half as good a D as Manning. Put together 6 more years of this Eli and maybe you can be compared to your older brother.

If Brady wins Sunday he's the greatest quarterback ever. Four Super Bowls in 10 years is like winning 7 super Bowls back in the 70's. If he loses though, that's two straight Super Bowl losses as a "favorite".  Even worse is the inevitable blabber we'll hear the from the talking heads who will say "Eli is the most clutch QB ever" way too many times. Don't make me turn off SportsCenter for 3 weeks again Pats. Let's do this.

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