Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Ramblings: Brett Favre, Shaq, T.O, A-Rod, and summer boredom

Is anyone else ready for September? If I watch one more baseball "top 10" play I think I might throw up. Is the Sportscenter #1 play really a guy going three feet to his left to make a catch? I think our Alumni Softball team could make half the catches on that list.  That's when you know it's time for football. Speaking of football, the Brett Favre saga has begun again. Will ESPN stay in business after he retires?  I guess that doesn't even matter because he will never retire.  Look, for everyone who thinks he really can't make a decision about his retirement they are living in a dream world. He's going to come back. He always was. He likes the attention and probably was in Cleveland burning Lebron jersey's with the rest of the city because he took the spotlight from him.

Speaking of Lebron, his former teammate, Shaq, is now a Celtic. I'm not sure if he needs to make alimony payments or just isn't ready for the inevitable "Shaq's Life" reality show.  In all honesty, I think it's a decent move. The guy is a walking corpse, but he's a 7'1 walking corpse and can provide some stability till Perk comes back.  Can you imagine this team 7 years ago? Besides the fact that Rondo would still be in college this team would have like 7 future hall of famers in their primes. Where is that Hot Tub Time Machine when you need it?

Now a little baseball. I have to laugh at this whole A-Rod thing. 600 home runs? Who cares? The last 10 years are tainted with steroids and before you say, "well everyone did it" talk to Hank Aaron. That's one of the reasons I don't respect the sport. 162 games, 15 hours between pitches, and games in November? You know how many young fans you are losing by staying with your ancient ways? This is the instant gratification world we live in. It sucks, but it's reality. Don't be surprised when hockey is more popular than baseball in 10 years. 

Last but not least, T.O. Yes, Terrell Owens.  About 6 months ago I said to myself that life was too short to hate anyone. The exception to this is T.O. I actually kind of like Ocho Cinco. He'll never win anything of signifigance, but at least he knows he's acting like an idiot. T.O is a phony and I hope he fails miserably in Cincinnati.  I usually hate when people hate strangers they've never met. But I am 100% sure T.O is not a good human being.

Look, I know I sound bitter in this blog, but I'll blame it on the fact that August is the worst month of the year. The only good thing August has is vacations. It has no holidays, extreme humidity, no football or basketball. It's a worthless month, unless of course you were born then, in which case I apologize. Fall can't come soon enough. Have a great night.


  1. It could be apocalyptic...I mean the Big Shamrock?? Red Auershaq?? Shaq now has more nicknames than Wilt "The Big Dipper" Chamberlain!Shaq starts and Jermain off the bench with Big Baby spelling Garnett and Perk when he comes back takes lessons in elbow giving from the Big Shamrock...what a front line against Orlando...right?

  2. This is quite possibly the worst blog that you have ever written. Let me tell you a story... A couple of weeks ago I ate a Bacon Club Chalupa from Taco Bell along with a Double Down from KFC - at the same time - before a bar crawl. The results that came forth from my posterior the following day were better thought out and frankly, were more appealing than your pessimistic view of sports. Furthermore, poop.

  3. Haha, thanks Will. I am just bitter with no football on. Any comment is a good comment!

  4. Nothing but love, bro! I'm sure that your views will brighten soon enough!

  5. Hahaha bitter definitely sums up this blog. But I will agree with you - one of the worst parts about sports in the summer is all of the top ten plays are baseball and golf. Snoooooze. Can't wait for football to start!!