Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why I like the McNabb deal

It's been about a week since the surprise announcement that Donovan McNabb was coming to the Redskins in exchange for a second round pick this year and either a 3rd or 4th pick next year. The reaction around the DC area has been mixed, but many seem to hate the deal. This goes to show you the general attitude Redskins fans have of their team and for good reason.

The Skins have always been the champs of the off-season. Unfortunately they have not been able to follow that up with a quality product during the season itself.  The truth is, they haven't made a big splash like this since I can remember. This is not trading for a running back, defensive tackle or linebacker. This is a trade involving their division rival for the most important position in not just football, but all of sports. It's a risk worth taking in my opinion.

McNabb is not going to carry this team on his shoulders. He's not the player he once was. However, he certainly is a winner. Five Conference Championship games with a mediocre at best receiving core(besides the TO year) is very impressive during the free agency era. Not winning a Super Bowl doesn't make you a bad quarterback.  Marino and Jim Kelly never won a Super Bowl, and neither one of them played in the NFL today that is full of parody.

In addition, he's had to deal with the hostile Philadelphia sports scene. Skins fans are passionate, but at least they like their own team.  He's also battled injuries and the biggest jerk in sports in Terrel Owens and still been able to be successful. Through all this he has for the most part carried himself as a true professional.

I think the biggest problem people have with this deal is that they see it as a typical Redskins move. That is signing a high priced, well known player on the downside of their career. They expect the worst. But I think McNabb can succeed if they put the right players around him. First things first, get an offensive line. Peyton Manning would have struggled last year behind that patchwork line. Granted Campbell takes about 3 days to get his throws off, but still that line was atrocious. Second, get rid of Portis and Haynesworth. Portis is a shell of his former self and is a "me first" type of player who the Redskins don't need as they try to turn another chapter. Haynesworth is an impact player, but is injury prone and plays half the snaps.  Cut your losses and move on.

There has been a culture of losing in Redskins nation for the last 15 years or so. Dan Snyder doesn't know football and only cares about money so it's really not that unexpected.  The good news is Shanahan and Bruce Allen both have proven track records and know football. I really think Shanahan's success with Elway at the tail end of his career is a good sign in terms of what we can expect from McNabb. Donovan is no Elway, but still has some good years left in him.  Also, don't underestimate the power of revenge. McNabb can talk all he wants about having love for Philly and just being excited to start fresh. But he's a human being, and anyone would be upset after how he was treated there.

Lastly, let's not forget Jason Campbell. Campbell was set up to fail in Washington and it's best for him to try to find a team, any team, that he can start fresh with. I think we all can agree that Campbell handled himself like a true professional in his time in Washington and we wish him the best.

I think Redskins nation should embrace their new quarterback and hope for the best. This is a guy that has been there before and is a proven winner. Plus, don't underestimate the fact that he knows the defense of a team they play two times a year. I think the Redskins are better overall than they were before the deal and look forward to more moves this offseason.


  1. I could not agree more! What was our other option? Draft a QB of whom we're unsure? Call me crazy, but I'd rather have the known quantity that is McNabb.

  2. I, for one, am excited about McNabb. It's nice to have a QB you can actually be excited about, especially considering the QBs we've had for the last 10 years. And this is different than other acquisitions the teams have made in the past - those have mainly been signing big free agents to insane deals (all that money for Haynesworth who lays on the ground exhausted after one play?), whereas this was a trade. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Shanahan/Allen era has in store. Who knows how McNabb will do but at least he is a proven winner and something we can look forward to now.

  3. I fully agree, especially about cutting the losses with Haynesworth and Portis. Haynesworth has already said that "he doesn't want to play" with McNabb. Hopefully, there is a team out there willing to take him and his 30 million dollar salary. Then again, maybe he is just a bit bitter about the fact that he was offered in the trade for McNabb and the Eagles said "no thanks".

  4. Thanks everyone. Hey Kim, where did you find out about my blog?

  5. We made a huge splash in free agency last year and netted a 100 million dollar 350 pound bag of crap to lay in the middle of the field. The fact that we're shopping haynesworth shows that danny has indeed given control of this team to the right people. Hopefully Shanahan will be able to pull the trigger on a deal during or before the draft. The truth is though, we didn't overpay for McNabb, I'm sure his contract with the skins won't be as high profile as people think.

    I'm a huge skins fan, but I really hope Campbell hands it to this team next year or in years to come. He was treated like crap, and never given a chance to succeed. I hope another team does, and it pays off for them. As long as its not Dallas or Philly, I'd be perfectly happy getting our asses kicked by a team with Campbell at the helm.

  6. Hi Karl, Will told me about your blog. As another boston sports fan in the DC area it's been a pleasure to read.

  7. Thanks Kim! I'll be sure to write more in this blog after Celtics season is done.

  8. No post about last night's great win? Cool blog man. Check mine out sometime if you can. Thx-KWAPT.