Thursday, November 5, 2009

Don't blame the Yankees, Blame Baseball!

I can't hear you Royals fans!

As a Red Sox fan, seeing the Yankees hold up their 27th World Series title last night was not the most pleasant experience of my life. However, they need to be congratulated for a great season and a great postseason. Let's stop with all the, "well the Yankees bought the championship" complaints. You know what, maybe they did, but so would your team if they could. I hate when people claim that their team would never do what the Yankees did, or that the Yankees have no soul. The truth is they would love their team to do the same thing if given the opportunity. This is not the Yankees fault, but baseball's fault for not having a salary cap.

If you are a Red Sox fan you have nothing to complain about. First off, you have the second biggest payroll in the league, and assembled a team full of corporate robots similar to Yankees teams of the past. You have the opportunity to win a championship every year and have won two in the last five years. Yet you complain that the Yankees are bad for baseball. No, the system baseball has in place is bad. When you have the Marlins with a $36 million payroll and the Yankees with a $200 million dollar payroll, it just doesn't add up. The argument could be made that some owners have the money but choose not to spend it, and that is a valid point. But the fact remains if there was a salary cap, teams like the Reds, Pirates, and Royals would feel like they have a chance.

In other news, I'm utterly shocked that Brett Favre is not only still standing, but playing so well. He's making quick decisions, not throwing interceptions, and managing the game like he should with the personnel around him. The key for the Vikings is to get home field. You don't want old man river playing in Philadelphia in January.

This is a great day for me because baseball is finally over and there will be no more baseball in the Sports Center top plays. I never understood how moving 3 feet to your right to catch a ball is considered a top 10 play. Who makes those lists? I am so glad the NBA is here, mostly because of my beloved Celtics. I won't get into my love fest for all things Celtics because you can see that on!), but it is a great treat to see the Celts play every night again.

As sports fans many of us choose not to display common sense. We blindly hate teams and players and don't look at situations objectively. If you stop and think about this whole Yankees situation, you will realize it is silly to blame New York for what is going on in baseball. The fact is the Yankees had the best players and the best team this year. If they only won because of the money, why haven't they won the past 10 years? By the way, Yankees fans should still feel pretty bad that it took them almost 10 years to win a World Series. Hopefully baseball can get its act together before it gets even worse.

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