Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Life after Basketball

I want to start off this blog by sending my condolences to all the friends and family of those that were killed in the DC Red Line metro crash yesterday. I've been on the metro so many times, and it is just scary to think that these events could happen to anyone at anytime.

I have kind of a strange blog today. With basketball over, I have to start covering sports that I have less knowledge and interest in. I found that there may be life after basketball after all. The US Open in golf took place last weekend, amidst a flood of rain that left Bethpage Black a soggy mess. The usual suspects, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, were right there to the end, but an unlikely qualifier Lucas Glover prevailed. That is the crazy thing about golf. These unknowns can win major championships and then are never seen again. That doesn't happen in basketball, football, tennis, or really any other sport. Your not going to have the Clippers winning the Finals, your not going to have a qualifier win Wimbledon, the US isn't going to beat Brazil in soccer(or could they...) Anyway, the only reason I watched, and I assume it was the same with 80 percent of the public, was Tiger Woods. The Phil Mickelson story was heartwarming, but without Tiger there is no golf. Makes you wonder what is going to happen in that sport when he retires.

I also watched some soccer this weekend. Soccer on the World stage is a different sport than MLS. Watching Brazil play was just amazing. How can they do that with their feet? I remember going to Brazil as a kid and seeing people play on the beach past midnight. It is crazy how a sport can be so popular around the world but not in the US. In my opinion it is because Americans need instant gratification. We want scoring and lots of it, and sports like soccer and hockey just don't provide that. Also, congratulations to the US Soccer team for advancing to the semifinals against Spain Wednesday. Let's hope they can advance and face Brazil(most likely) in the finals.

Wimbledon got under way yesterday in London. For those of you who don't know, Roger Federer is looking to make history this fortnight. If he wins, it will be his 15th major championship, which will surpass Pete Sampras for most all time in men's tennis. Again, we are watching the greatest player ever in his sport right now. He is more dominant in tennis than Woods is in golf. Think about this, he has gotten to 15 of the last 16 championship matches. Can you imagine anybody doing that ever again, it is nearly impossible. Anyway, Pete Sampras is my favorite player ever but I can't think of anyone I'd rather see break the record than Federer. He plays the game the right way and for anyone who has played or knows anything about tennis, they know how amazing he truly is at his craft.

NBA Draft is Thursday and I'm hoping these rumors about potential trades of Rondo or Ray Allen for a high pick are not true. I understand the Celtics need to look to the future, but we can get another title with the nucleus we have now. With a healthy Garnett I'm pretty sure they would've won it all last year. Unfortunately, I have no control over this situation so I guess we will see.

Thanks for reading everyone. Comments are appreciated!

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